Six Qualities for Successful Life

life musings philosophy yoga Jun 12, 2020

Seeking Balance ~ In the Universe

Yoga is certainly more than just asana practice and yet the asana practice itself reaches far beyond the illusion of just stretching, twisting and bending. One common translation of Yoga postures, or asana, has the meaning of - seat or position comfortably held. This metaphor of position comfortably held will extend far beyond the vision of a seated yogi, or yogini, as it also reflects the physical and mental position comfortably held in life. In retrospect, yoga asana practice is the window to finding peace, awareness and happiness in everyday life.

As in all things we need a base concept and foundation in order for our idea to grow and fulfill its potential. The yoga postures are a base foundation with limitless potential of physical, mental and spiritual growth – bound only to the mind of the practitioner. Ultimately the yoga asana will develop the power and awareness, energy and perception to navigate a successful path in all of life.


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